ARC Scotland are pleased to announce that a bid to update the Charter for Involvement has been successful, with funding from Scottish Government confirmed for a further year, into 2014.

Published in 2009, The Charter was developed by The National Involvement Network (NIN) (established and supported by ARC Scotland), and sets out, through a series of 13 statements, how people who use support services want to be involved in the service they get, in the organisations that provide their services and in the wider community.

An evaluation of the ‘Charter for Involvement’ in 2012 showed that it has made a measurable and positive difference to the lives of at least 1,750 people with learning disabilities. Thanks to the release of further funding, it is hoped ARC Scotland will now be able to double the number of people with learning disabilities and other support needs in Scotland who benefit from it.

As a result of the Charter and the work of the National Involvement Network, at least 3,500 people with learning disabilities and other support needs will be:

  • More able to make decisions about their lives
  • More involved in how their support is planned and delivered
  • More involved in their communities

Updates to the Charter will include changes to take account of social care policy change and legislation and to further improve accessibility of the materials, whilst provision to extend the National Involvement Network to less accessible areas of Scotland will be put in place.

James Fletcher, Director of ARC Scotland, said,

“The Charter for Involvement is a key document in facilitating the dissemination of ideas and an essential tool to help transform principles and statements into solid, positive and inclusive practice. We’re delighted that we can continue to support the important work of the National Involvement Network and help place people with a learning disability at the heart of any plans about their lives.”

James Fletcher and Lynette Linton, Vice Chair of the National Involvement Network, will be addressing the ARC Annual Conference on the importance of involving people with a learning disability in decisions about their care, in Bristol on 3 October. Find out more.

Please click on the links for further information about the Charter, National Involvement Network and ARC Scotland.