A number of issues were raised at the meeting between the Care Providers Alliance (CPA) and The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), some of which I would really appreciate your feedback on, so that I can fully represent your views for consideration in the solutions.

Consistent reporting of safeguarding concerns was raised and debated in some detail. The main issues were:

  • the time involved and
  • the inefficiencies that stem from having different alerting and reporting requirements across different local authorities and CQC.

Larger national providers have to adjust their own policies to reflect the local guidance/requirements in different localities, and many LA’s arrangements involve a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to suspend staff on full pay until they say otherwise, despite a recent ruling to say was not a suspension issue. This is leading some providers to become worried about raising alerts because of the potentially huge cost implications. This is not a good situation for people who have a learning disability or those who support them. In some LAs alerts are sifted, and not all go on to become safeguarding referrals.

What happens where you are?

ADASS has a Safeguarding Network, and two members of the CPA are going to ensure that CQC are linked into this, but we need to bullet point some key issues/themes, so that we can push for some shared approaches that reduce red tape and inconsistencies. I would really like to hear what your experiences are around safeguarding alerts.
Please email me your feedback at yvonne.furze@arcuk.org.uk by the 24 November 2012.

I can’t put forward your issues and concerns unless you tell me what they are, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Yvonne Furze
ARC Membership and Information Manager