DBS Online – Driving Licence Guidance

If you have problems with the Driving Licence details when completing an online DBS application there are a number of things that you will need to check:

Firstly please check that the details on both the Disclosure Application (Personal Details) and the driving licence are exactly the same, check date of birth, spelling of names/surnames, middle names.

Next, there are other areas in which the information on the driving licence is very sensitive to the system:

  • The system will only accept the first 16 digits of the driving licence number for example
    ROBIN 757025 CJ999 01 – do not include the 01 at the end
  • Middle name: Check the driving licence to see if it shows the applicant having a middle name.  Look at the DBS application, applicant details to check if the applicant has recorded that same middle name.
  • No middle name: Does the driving licence just give a forename and surname? Look at the DBS application, applicant details – has the applicant recorded a middle name?  If so, then you need to remove the middle name from the DBS application via the EDIT button.
    • Go back to the ID checking stage enter the driving licence details, SAVE.
    • Go back to the DBS application, applicant details and re enter the middle name and SAVE.
  • Surname with spaces, for example St John, St John Stevens? The driving licence will not have a space between the St and John.
    • You will need to go into the DBS application, remove the space, click SAVE/UPDATE.
    • Go back to ID check, enter the details from the driving licence. SAVE.
    • Go back to the DBS application and replace the space between St and John. SAVE/UPDATE.