Image: Down's Syndrome Awareness WeekEvery year the Down’s Syndrome Association highlight one aspect of living with Down’s syndrome and this year they are raising awareness of the poor visual acuity in Down’s syndrome and the impact is has upon daily life.

Focus on Vision

Up to 50% of people with Down’s syndrome will need to wear glasses but a 100% of people with Down’s syndrome have poor visual acuity. Visual acuity is not corrected by wearing glasses for both long and short sightedness. That’s one reason that the Down’s Syndrome Association are trying to raise awareness of this poorer visual acuity so people can make simple changes to ensure things around them are big and bold.

How can you get involved?

To get people talking about Down’s syndrome on World Down Syndrome Day, 21 March 2013,¬†Down Syndrome International are inviting everyone across the world to wear LOTS OF SOCKS!

  • For more information about Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week and to see how you can get involved, visit the Down’s Syndrome Association’s website
  • Or the World Down Syndrome Day website