Disability Hate Crime Survey – The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (FPLD) is running a project to understand and evaluate what disability hate crime schemes work best. ARC is supporting this work and is proud to take part in the Reference Group for this. See FPLD’s press release here.

People with learning disabilities are long-standing targets of disability hate crime and harassment, generally because they receive very little or no support from the state, are usually not in employment and spend great deals of time alone or without activity. This often results in them making friendships or being in environments that are unsafe, because they are isolated and lonely.

As a response to this there have been numerous initiatives and schemes developed with the aim of either reducing disability hate crime, supporting people to report it and obtain support after the incident, or for others such as police forces or housing associations to be more responsive and identify such incidents earlier on.  Examples include Рdisability awareness training in schools; setting up third party reporting sites; helping people to have a circle of support or connect with their local community; developing training to educate people with learning disabilities about disability hate crime; training staff in safer community partnerships to respond to incidents and safe places schemes.

One of the first steps of the project is to learn more about the the current hate crime initiatives around the UK. If you, or your organisation are involved in such schemes we would really appreciate 10-20 minutes of your time to complete the survey by 29th April 2016. Your feedback is crucial.