Please note that all tickets have now been allocated.

The Department of Health have commissioned a consultation workshop for care providers. ARC has five tickets for member organisations wishing to attend.

On 19 March 2014, the Supreme Court handed down a judgment in the case of “Cheshire West” that clarified the test as to what constitutes a “deprivation of liberty”. From now on, an individual who lacks the capacity to consent to the arrangements for their care/ treatment and is under continuous control and supervision and is not free to leave will be considered to be deprived of their liberty.

Such individuals, when resident in a care home, must receive the safeguards provided under the DoLS system. “Managing authorities” (care providers) must apply for the deprivation to be authorised in the best interests of the individual to “supervisory bodies” (local authorities).

The clarified test set by the Supreme Court potentially means that many more individuals will be considered to be deprived of their liberty – resulting in many more applications by managing authorities to supervisory bodies. Whilst the extent of this increase and the future trend in application numbers is unclear it is important to understand how we can ensure that individual rights are protected while increased pressure on the system is managed as much as possible.

The Department of Health wishes to hear the views of care providers to understand where the greatest pressures are occurring and to hear their suggestions as to improvements that could be made. The Department also wishes to enlist the support of care providers in ensuring that DoLS is correctly implemented – earlier in the year the House of Lords noted that implementation was poor and figures collected by DH in previous years show widespread variability in the number of DoLS applications recorded.

The planned workshop will include a presentation from the Department of Health and a series of World Café discussions.

Venue for the event is Trinity House, 4 Chapel Court, Borough High Street, SE1 1HW and will take place from from 11am to 3pm. Download a map here.

As a member of the Care Provider Alliance ARC has been allocated five places at the consultation. We expect demand to be extremely high and we will therefore assign these on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Any organisation wishing to send a representative should contact:

John Robinson,
Membership and Communications Manager
Tel: 01246 555043