Creating a Common Foundation in Care

CCFIC-278The Creating a Common Foundation in Care two-year project directly followed on from the European Care Certificate (ECC) project.

The aim of the project was to work with thirteen partners from twelve different countries in the European Union, however the project managed to work with seventeen countries.

Once the ECC had been created this project’s main aim was to embed it throughout the countries that were using it, make any adjustments or improvements to the certificate and add it to the National Qualification Framework. (What is the Qualifications Credit Framework in the UK.)

The aim of the project was for at least 1000 candidates across the EU countries that are using the ECC to have taken the exam and passed by the end of the project in 2011. In reality we had over 2000 people complete the ECC exam across the countries.

The ECC was also to be directly referenced to the European Qualification Framework.

Resulting from this successful project has been another funding bid to develop Train the Trainer courses for those delivering the ECC. These would be disseminated across the European countries, to give more individuals working in Social Care the opportunity to gain this Induction Certificate.

Watch out for more information about this follow-on bid coming soon.

Getting the basics right is another project that has been developed from this work which is funded by the Council of Europe about delivering the European Care Certificate (ECC) in Bosnia.

If you would like any further information about this project or about the European Care Certificate please contact

The Creating a Common Foundation in Care project was funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Fund.

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