Lisa Lenton, ARC England Director, attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 9th September, see below the key points raised in that meeting.

It is important to note that our attendance at these meetings give ARC members, of any size, the opportunity to link into CQC at the highest level. If you have any issues that you would like us to raise at the next meeting on your behalf please let Lisa know:

Key points to share:

  • Ratings – as at the last meeting, the group shared concerns that the percentage of ‘outstanding’ ratings however, it was reported there was a small increase in outstanding ratings overall. The group asked for the breakdown of the ratings infographics for it to be easier to dissect.
  • Website review – the group was advised that CQC have carried out interviews with a cross section of providers, conducted an online survey and will be sharing the findings of these at the next meeting. The group raised issues around the amount of data cleansing that is required to make it effective as a tool for the public. It was said that often services change their names and then the history of previous inspection reports is lost.
  • CQC Provider Portal to be offered to small adult social care providers. Invitations will be sent to appropriate providers late October. The CQC state the ‘provider portal is an online system that enables registered health and social care providers to submit statutory notifications and apply to make changes to their CQC registration quickly and efficiently’. See the quick start guide at:
  • Strategy 2016-21 – A presentation was given by Tim Read, Strategy Manager, regarding the CQC strategy review 2016-21. This covered principles underpinning strategy, process for coproduction, focus on future vision of quality regulation considering the role of regulation versus other quality drivers. The formal consultation will commence in January 2016, CQC have already obtained over 700 responses via CQC’s online questionnaire and over 60 responses via CQC’s online provider forum. It is the expectation that the strategy will be published April 2016 alongside business plan.
  • Quality of care in a place – CQC is exploring the role of quality regulation in a specific local area in order to understand what it can say about the quality of care in their area. They have identified two areas for this. There were many reasons presented for this, including enablement of local leaders to take action at a local level in order to best meet people’s needs, new models of care in Health and Social care should be tailored and appropriate to the nature of the local area and the role of commissioning on a local basis.
  • Commissioning –  CQC is looking at the impact commissioning has on the quality of care across health and social care. A pilot assessment framework looking at some key lines of enquiry has been developed. The key questions at this stage look at the strategic approach to commissioning and if there evidence that services commissioned accurately reflect local need.