Key points to share from CQC Trade Association Meeting
8th April 2015

Briefing prepared by Kate Allen, Kingswood Trust

  • Provider information returns – A number of providers received multiple requests from CQC for Provider Information Returns (PIR) and Contact Sheets. CQC has apologised and advised they believe the situation has been rectified. However, ARC would recommend that if a provider is uncertain they follow up with the inspection team on
  • Submission of PIR and meeting deadline – If providers have any technical difficulty submitting their PIR when they speak with the technical team they must request an enquiry number. This will ensure that if the PIR is late, their contact and attempts to submit are tracked. If a provider fails to submit a PIR by the deadline without such evidence it is unlikely a rating higher than ‘Requires Improvement’ will be issued for Well Led.
  • CQC Inspectors – As of 1st April 2015 CQC had 723 Inspectors, although some are still undergoing training. This will hopefully address the shortage to date.
  • Displaying inspection ratings – New regulations have been published regarding displaying the inspection rating. It was highlighted that provider websites will be checked. Having the CQC widget on a provider website that links to the CQC website, is not enough to meet the regulations. The inspection rating must by displayed.
  • CQC inspection ratings – 10% of all Adult Social Care services have been inspected and to date 40% were rated requires improvement or inadequate. This is of great concern to CQC, although it cannot be overlooked that the majority (60%) are rated Good and higher.
  • The areas bringing the overall ratings down are Well Led and Safety.
  • Care Improvement Works resources – SCIE and SFC are developing a website called ‘Care Improvement Works’ that will bring together resources to plan and respond to inspection. The information on the site will be managed carefully and limited to avoid a huge influx of unnecessary information.
  • Experts by Experience – CQC will be advertising in September for organisations wishing to submit an interest in assisting as ‘Experts by Experience’. These people, who have experience of using care services, take part in CQC inspections of health and social care services and visits to monitor the use of the Mental Health Act. Experts by Experience also attend events, consultations and staff training events and take part in activities that develop CQC processes.
  • Disclosure and Barring Service – Organisations do not need to DBS check their trustees to satisfy the new Duty of Candour regulations. DBS checks should only be applied for in accordance with eligibility guidance.