Update on Activity

  • Public information on Surveillance – this is with respect to surveillance in health and care settings. The paper will be published Friday (12/2/15) for public information and is available here. This is to sit alongside published provider information. This information with give emphasis on the legality around surveillance, provider responses, as well as expectations for PWS and families. There are already concerns around consent and it is also felt that once the information has gone public, it will be picked up by BBC and other media streams.
  • Ratings update – It was fedback that only 979 providers/services have been inspected in the new format. There is approx 25,000 to still inspect. Concerns were raised that only 12 providers achieved outstanding and it was suggested that inspectors did not like to give an outstanding rating. AS said that this was not the case, as she felt inspectors wanted to rate more services as outstanding, but the good rating does have a very wide range/scope. SW also informed that only in the last 3 weeks the services who received outstanding had tripled (4 to 12). Concerns were also raised at the disparity between both ends of the scale (outstanding / inadequate), it has been identified some themes linked to inadequate rating, this seem to be linked to well led and safe criteria (specifically around staff shortages and also MCA/DoLS). One of the members raised concerns that some local authorities are writing in to service level agreements that they will only contract with providers who achieve a minimum good rating, then if at following inspection this is not achieved, they are classed as in breach of contract.

Market Oversight

  • SW informed that regulation has been approved by parliament and a 21 day laying period will commence from Mid March. There are 42 providers involved in the scheme, however, not all have responded or provided the required information. SW will be presenting an online Q&A next Friday with regards to market oversight. Guidance is expected to be published March 15.

Safeguarding Update

  • Safeguarding advisers now in post (one internal, one external) and sit across all 3 directorates.
  • CQC have recognised that CQC policies need updating, as they need to take in to account the Care Act. This review has started, alongside other areas within the improvement plan. It has also been recognised that inspectors may not have a safeguarding history when undertaking inspections as information is redacted once the case is closed. They are wanting this process to change, so potential themes can be identified. This will allow a full safeguarding history with outcomes so inspectors are better prepared.

Special Measures

  • As the meeting was over running, this area was quickly discussed. Main information was around fairness and consistency with regards to putting services/providers on special measures. AS informed that they have a tiered process within CQC and if an inspector feel special measures are required, this needs to be justified and agreed at a number of levels before being put in place.

Care Certificate

  • AS wanted CQC to have simplified information on their position relating to the Care Certificate. She welcomed feedback from the members, but also made it clear that she would like to keep this information to one page.


  • One member informed that there has been issues when submitting PIR’s electronically and when providers contacted CQC customers services they had not been very helpful and previous calls had not been logged. AS/SW thanked them for this feedback.