Key points to share from CQC Trade Association Meeting – 8th July 2015 – Stuart Noble, Kingwood Trust on behalf of ARC Image: CQC

  • Stuart kindly attended the most recent Trade Association meeting and fed back to the group about wording used on CQC’s posters, used to advertise an upcoming inspection. He explained that within Learning Disabilities and Autism services, providers have worked very hard to move away from ‘care’ in their terminology to ‘support’, as this is more positive, as well as enabling/empowering. AS acknowledged this, she said that they had consulted with CBF, CHANGE and Disability Rights UK prior to being published. Andrea Sutcliffe has said that she is happy to have a further conversation about this.
  • Ratings – The group had continued concerns with regards to the outstanding percentages. Andrew Sutcliffe stated that CQC are having to concentrate on potential risk areas at present, so this does affect the figures, as there is a higher focus on requires improvement and inadequate services.
  • Update on relationship leads – this will commence from Sept 15 and the CQC lead person should make contact with members.
  • Members were informed that CQC had published their Registration – A fresh start document this morning. They have asked for feedback.
  • Discussion point on analysis of inadequate/outstanding services. This focused on well led only, but CQC are wanting to do analysis on all areas . There seemed be key areas in difference, these being Quality monitoring/auditing systems, record keeping, managing risk. They also looked at analysis of overall provider/enforcement action, key areas of concern being – Consent, medicines, cleanliness and infection control, safeguarding, assess & monitor quality, care and welfare.
  • Brief discussion with respects to CQC strategy 2016-21, principles underpinning strategy, process for coproduction, focus on future vision of quality regulation considering the role of regulation versus other quality drivers. Formal consultation to commence early next year, input from members will be crucial. It is the expectation that the strategy will be published April 2016 alongside business plan.
  • Within the meeting CQC provided a flow chart detailing providers director meeting the fit and proper person requirements. You can view this flowchart here.