Coronavirus resources for social care and learning disability sectors

Government COVID-19 Guidance

All Government Guidance for the Adult Social Care sector can now be found in one place:

GOV UK website: (

  1. Help with infection prevention and control
  2. What to do when you suspect an outbreak
  3. Reporting an outbreak
  4. Caring for patients discharged from hospital or another social care facility
  5. Visits to care homes and other care settings
  6. Information for providers of care in supported living and domiciliary settings
  7. How to get social care workers and people in care homes tested
  8. Managing care workers during COVID-19
  9. Securing PPE and related supplies
  10. Help for holders of direct payments, commissioners and care providers
  11. Information for social care providers on mental health and wellbeing and financial support
  12. Capacity Tracker and guidance on using it
  13. Information for unpaid carers
  14. Easements of the Care Act
  15. COVID-19 ethical framework for adult social care
  16. Caring for people who are protected by safeguards under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, including the deprivation of liberty safeguards
  17. Steps to take following a coronavirus-related death of a person who worked in adult social care


CQC Information

Managing COVID-19 in care homes

COVID-19 information for people with learning disabilities and autism

Emergency situation: Preparing people with learning disabilities and autism 

Education Resources