The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) have issued practical coronavirus guidance for the social care sector in the form of their Infection and Prevention Toolkit (download PDF).

The CPA guidance will help you to plan and manage infections – including outbreaks of flu and other viral and bacterial infections.

The toolkit focusses on infection prevention and control to protect the health and well-being of people supported in care settings, and to reduce the effect of an infection outbreak on service provision. Effective infection prevention and control depends on early recognition and timely intervention. This in turn depends on surveillance of infection.

Good infection prevention and control management is essential to ensure people receive safe care and support in care settings. It also ensures safe practice. All staff play an important role in the prevention and control of infection in their individual actions and in the workplace.

The Infection and Prevention Toolkit should be used in conjunction with national guidance and local policies.

Coronavirus – Government advice

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Coronavirus – Government advice update 3.3.20

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