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Guest blog by Dot Reeves, Director, Course Beetle

As a natural progression from my fulfilling and varied career as a Speech and Language Therapist, it is such a pleasure to be able to work with others to set up valuable and often life-changing training events for people who provide support for those who have difficulties with any aspect of communication. Communication difficulties that people can experience in life are many and varied. Difficulties such as understanding what people are saying, or expressing opinions, thoughts or needs increase a person’s vulnerability within society.

Within a caring and truly inclusive society supporting people with communication is of such profound importance, but training people to deliver best practice for communication gets knocked down the priority list because other topics make the mandatory training list for organisations. Of course, insightful service providers totally ‘get’ the importance of achieving quality standards for communication – but still, budgets are tight, and quite rightly, services want to see a clear link between investment in training and measurably improved quality standards.

From the start, the objectives for my company, Course Beetle, were clear – to do what we can to get behind specialist trainers, charities, and organisations and help them get evidence based, quality training out to participants who, by attending, will – it is hoped – be able to offer a measurably higher quality of communication to individuals in our society who have a right to expect the very best in communication.

ARC has long been a ‘go-to’ place for a good heart to heart about what issues are concentrating the minds of member organisations and services, and an equally good place to talk about our current projects and whether they would be of interest.  I was recently talking to ARC England Director, Lisa Lenton about some exciting partnership working Course Beetle is doing with Talking Mats Ltd. This came up while we were talking about the crucial importance for organisations to be able to evidence that they have truly person-centred approaches in order to achieve outstanding ratings for services.

I believe I am not alone in having thought I probably had ‘the general gist’ of what Talking Mats is all about – without actually having accessed the training! However, the experience of attending the training was a huge eye-opener for me, and fuelled even more of a determination to see if Course Beetle can do more to get behind what is a wholly incredible, powerful, adaptable, profoundly important way of listening to individuals accessing any form of service or support.

People accessing the Talking Mats Training with me were delighted at how very adaptable to different levels of communication difficulty the process is, and most importantly how clearly the thoughts and judgments of the person being listened to can be conveyed and recorded. This chimed so much with conversations I had had with Lisa about how organisations are wanting to be able to record the evidence and impact of truly person-centred approaches.

Talking Mats Ltd, already very familiar with ARC and their wonderful work, were as excited as me to look at focusing the standard training day to look very specifically at the way organisations can record the evidence gathered using Talking Mats approaches.

To this end we have two training dates available thinking very much of REAL PEOPLE readers, partner organisations and ARC members on our ‘Using Talking Mats to Evidence a Person Centred Approach‘ course.

  • Wednesday 28th March 2018 – 9.15am – 4.30pm
  • Tuesday 12th June 2018  – 9.15am – 4.30pm 

Both of the courses are based within 5 minutes walk of Birmingham New Street Station.  If you are interested in finding out more please see here for details on how to book and the resource bundles available.

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