Challenging Behaviour Foundation National Strategy Group meeting – 22nd October 2015

Positive Behaviour Support: An overarching framework challenging-behavour-foundation-logo
Edge Hill University 22nd October 2015

Welcomes and Outcomes:

Conference members were welcomed by Viv Cooper and Dave Williams from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation who organised the conference. Delegates were given information about the foundation who are a charity which work to ensure people are able to access positive behaviour support whether being cared for by families or professionals.
They provide free advice to families and organisations who support people with behaviour which may challenge in order to promote use of positive, rather than punitive, strategies to reduce challenging behaviour and recognise behaviour as a form of communication. The foundation also work with local authorities and government bodies in order to promote use of positive behaviour support (PBS) over other strategies which are currently implemented.

Viv and Dave also set out the aims for the day which were:
• To promote and encourage people to sign up to the Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group Charter
• To update attendees on developments in the area of PBS
• To provide opportunities for networking with other people who implement / advocate PBS
• To share ideas on how to promote the ethos of PBS
• To stimulate ideas around how best to provide PBS
• For the challenging behaviour foundation to gather ideas on how they can continue to move forward and promote the ethos of PBS

Preventing Exclusion: families experiences of PBS
A presentation was given to outline the positive impact which PBS can have on families and was introduced by Joann Kiernan (senior lecturer at Edge Hill University). Jo Hough, a parent who received support from the foundation explained how PBS had been implemented with her son and described the positive effect it had on both him and the family. A good introduction to why PBS is important and how it helps people.

Workshop 1: what is excellence in PBS? How will the BILD Centre for the Advancement of PBS work and what will it deliver?
The first part of this thought provoking workshop involved delegates creating posters to demonstrate what delegates thought PBS should look like in practice, as it is often referred to but can be difficult to define. The second part of the workshop involved groups coming up with ideas on how the Challenging Behaviour Foundation could support different groups of stakeholders (individual’s, family carers, professional carers, local authority commissioners, government bodies, care providers) to promote and implement PBS across the country.

Updates on progress

Jon Rouse (Department of Health), Sean McLaughlin (ADASS) and Hazel Watson (NHS England) gave progress updates from the points of view of DoH, ADASS and NHS England respectively. Further information can be found at:

Workshop 2: implementation of the PBS competencies framework
In this workshop delegates were invited to read through the Challenging Behaviour Foundation’s draft framework for providers and give their input into the development of the framework audit tool. Due to time constraints there was little chance to read the draft framework although delegates were invited to read through and comment on it through the foundation’s website.
The delegates were split into 6 groups looking at audit documents for differing groups of stakeholders and were then invited to give their feedback which is to be used by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation to make improvements to the audit tools prior to publication. A good opportunity to share ideas from a range of viewpoints and provide feedback which may shape nationwide improvements to behaviour support.