Photo: Bill Mumford
The Association for Real Change is delighted with the announcement that Bill Mumford, Chief Executive of MacIntyre has been appointed by the Department of Health, NHS England and Local Government Association as Programme Director for the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme.

This 18 month secondment is effective immediately and upon his appointment Bill announced that he was delighted to be asked to oversee the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme and that “all of us in the sector need to work with more urgency and focus to provide proper local support to the individuals and their families.”

Jacqueline Bell, Chief Executive of Association for Real Change said of Bill’s appointment,

“I’m really, really pleased that Bill has been appointed as Programme Director. The programme needs a provider’s view to push things forward and his experience as an excellent provider at MacIntyre working with service users and family carers should really make a difference.”

Jacqueline will be meeting with Bill in the New Year to discuss ideas and, speaking today Bill said,

“I hope to bring some good old provider pragmatism and focus to the programme!”

For more information regarding the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme please see the LGA Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme website