21st century Joined up CareBetter Care Consultation – The 21st Century #JoinedUpCare

This is the first consultation under the umbrella of 21C #JoinedUpCare, its aim is to find new ways of working together that improve services and use public money in the best possible way. We are consulting you now about those services that we are ready to change for the better.

The 21st Century #JoinedUpCare programme has undertaken substantial engagement with a wide range of stakeholders and public since it commenced pre consultation in 2012.  The document ‘How pre-consultation shaped the consultation’ provides a baseline of the activity and responses the programme has received during this period and explains how they have informed the development of the proposed changes and wider programme. In 2011 a review of people’s needs and current services in North Derbyshire took place as part of the 21C #joinedupcare programme. It found a number of areas where care could be better.

This consultation is looking at two areas: 

  • community hospital services for older people with dementia (also known as ‘older people’s mental health’);
  • those recovering in a community hospital bed after an accident or illness requiring inpatient treatment at an acute hospital (also known as ‘community bedded care’).

Download the consultation documents  and questionnaire or complete online here.

The consultation will close 5th October 2016.