Autism Awareness Workshops

This one-day workshop will provide learners with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of autism (including associated conditions) and how this can affect different people in different ways.

During the session, learners will learn practical solutions derived from effective ‘hands on’ work and proven methods, that will vastly improve the relationships and quality of life for both the person who has autism and those around them.

This course will take you on a journey, explaining the spectrum and continuum of autism. The learners are asked to explore their views of labelling people and discuss the triad and dyad of impairments. In addition to covering the course content, the training is tailored to the learners’ needs; with emphasis on what learners want from the session – goals and desired outcomes in supporting the person, with differences such as obsessions and compulsions; rituals and routines; sensory differences; echolalia and communication; and positive behaviour support. Participation is encouraged with discussion surrounding current practices and ways in which support and services can be improved

During the session learners will cover:

  • Labels of autism
  • The autism spectrum
  • Autism history & legislation
  • The triad & the dyad
  • Routines, rituals, obsessions and compulsions
  • Sensory differences
  • Anxiety & positive behaviour support
  • Communication, social stories & sequencing
  • Providing support in a person centred way

By the end of the day learners will be able to:

  • Understand the continuum of autism
  • Be aware of current legislation
  • Distinguish the characteristics of autism
  • Use effect support for the person
  • Recognise and apply different forms of communication for effective outcomes
  • Apply a person centred approach to support


  • £80 (ARC Member)
  • £95 (Non-member)

We are now taking expressions of interest: if you are interested in a workshop in your area please let us know, via the contact details below.

For more information about this, or any other workshops we offer, please get in touch:

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