Assessor Update / Standardisation
As many of you will be aware over the last few months we have delivered a series of assessor update/standardisation events at various locations.
Attending one of these events is an annual requirement that all active Assessors need to do along with having their assessment practice observed by their IQA and keeping their CPD and CV up-to-date, which then needs to be forwarded annually to the Centre for the records. I am pleased to say that most of you have already submitted these. So, another big THANK YOU! to all those who have forwarded their documents and arranged for their observation.  To those of you that haven’t (and you know who you are!) please could you wing these over as soon as possible to ensure the smooth continuation of the assessment process.

If you have been unable to attend one of the standardisation sessions, please contact Margaret or Angie and we will ensure you are kept up-to-date.