Nearly 60 people joined RLO’s 20 year celebrations at Coventry based, Life Path Trust.

Representing 30 organisations, delegates shared their experiences of the very real changes they are having to make and how to make them work positively for their organisation. Nearly two thirds of the delegates had responsibility for staff management and HR and understand how important it is to make everyone in the organisation feel like the super heroes they really are!

Gary Bye, CEO, Life Path Trust, long time member of Association for Real Change and Board member led the day by asking “Should I stay or should I go?”

His challenge asked us what do we really know about staff? Leading us through a presentation workshop Gary tested our understanding about why they stick with us or why they go. He reminded us that one of the main reasons for leaving is through dissatisfaction with Managers, and not feeling part of the team. A lack of training, of real development and poor induction also make it more likely that we’ll lose staff to our competitors.

Jill Hicks, from RLO, introduced a highly participative session led by the Chair of the day, Sarah Sims, looking at service transformation.

Using costume and role-play to turn on its head the idea of change management, Sarah and Jill demonstrated how we could all use feedback to help manage change.

After lunch Helen Sanderson demonstrated her passion for change in her usual direct, thoughtful and supportive manner!  Helen showed us how we can transform our work by creating Person-Centred Organisations by walking the walk, using person-centred thinking to develop staff one-page profiles, person-centred team plans and make meetings and supervision more person-centred. Keeping the passion: taking the fear out of change so that it can be the catalyst for positive action and really change the culture in which people work.

Peter Flynn, the HR Director from Alternative Futures Group led us through practical guidance to help you identify when TUPE may impact on our work and gave some useful pointers for when that should help us avoid potential pitfalls! Lester Aldridge LLP followed Peter with a detailed guide on TUPE.

In response to all the offers of sharing what works and what doesn’t we’ve set up an e-forum to examine the challenges the day highlighted and exploring ways which we can help share learning, best practice and continue to connect and liaise with providers across the area.

The main thing we agreed on in Coventry is that Change is inevitable. Whether you’re at the top or the bottom of your organisation, the one thing you can count on in the future is that there will be change. Another thing you can count on is that these changes, whatever they turn out to be, will cause stress to you and your employees and work colleagues, but that this is a normal human response to change.

The past couple of years has seen unprecedented changes in the economy and general unease about the future – wake-up call from the past year showed that managers who are able to accept change today and plan for change in the future get rewarded with more motivated employees – and in this sector more than ever this is what we need.

We hope the e-forum and future events sharing how we will develop leaders, develop person-centred organisations, gather strategy information, and how we can really know our staff will build on the momentum felt on the day!

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