Well! Who can believe it’s been a year since my appointment as ARC’s Qualifications Manager, and whaangie-deliddiardt a journey I have been on! I would like to say a big THANKYOU! to all our Assessors, and IQA’s out there, who have made my first year and the Centre’s 25th year another successful one.

We had a fantastic response and support from everyone involved in the External Quality Assurance visit a couple of months ago, and as a result we have maintained our ‘Full Approval’ status with City & Guilds with no action points!

Below are a few comments from the EQA’s report.

  • Plans are reviewed and revised at regular intervals.
  • The portfolios are well set out and easy to navigate. Work is assessed at the correct level, and a thorough IQA process ensures that work meets the criteria claimed.
  • The audit trail for learner progress is also tracked on the IQA records and is very robust. planning is very strong and sets out exactly what is required of the learner.
  • IQA feedback is thorough and robust. I have seen how the IQA gives guidance on planning, feedback and evidence requirements.
  • All records are well maintained. The new system which is just coming into force will streamline this.