Lisa Lenton, ARC England Director, attended the CQC Trade Association meeting on 13th July. The key points are summarised below for your reference:

Ratings – Current ratings up to 30th June 2016 – for adult social care the ‘Good’ rating has hit the 70% mark, for the first time.

The current overall ratings by service type were presented. Community social care continues to receive the best ratings. The least well performing remains to be Nursing Homes. It was noted that actually there is a large difference in the rating between residential homes and nursing homes and it was suggest that further analysis is required to understand why.

Learning Disability ratings. The analysis up to June 2016 was made available. The data clearly indicates that services that support with people learning disabilities overall have better CQC ratings.

Inadequate Requires Imp Good Outstanding
Safe 1% 19% 80% <0.5%
Effective <0.5% 16% 83% 1%
Caring 0 3% 94% 3%
Responsive <0.5% 9% 88% 3%
Well-led 1% 19% 79% 1%

There continues to be similarities in terms of the least well performing ratings by key question – Safe and Well-led being highlighted areas of concern. The Responsive KLOE however showed a better reported ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ rating against the average.

Again it is clear that performance in Learning Disability services outshines other service types.

Overall ratings Adult Social Care up to 30th June 2016

– Inadequate – 2% (<1%)

– Requires improvement – 27% (slightly down from 28%)

– Good 70% (up from 68%)

– Outstanding – 1% (no change)

Ratings maps – The group talked through the slides in respect of work CQC have undertaken to breakdown the inadequate ratings regionally for: residential homes, domiciliary care agencies, nursing homes and then overall. The findings are that North West and Yorkshire and Humber consistently came up as the worst performing regions. It was asked if this data has been compared to NMDS data (in terms of workforce) and how it compared to commissioning rates.

Update: Domiciliary Care Agencies change of address – From 11th May 2016, single location DCA’s that change address will not be treated as a new application and will keep their rating.

Update: Care home closures document publication – it was stated that the care homes closures document is due for launch imminently. This has been completed in collaboration with NHS England, ADASS, LGA, Department of Health and the Care Provider Alliance.

Update: Factual accuracy – This process gives providers the opportunity to challenge accuracy and completeness of the evidence on which the ratings are based. Registered persons have 10 working days to review the draft report for factual accuracy and submit comments to CQC.   The CQC Quality Assurance Programme identified some improvement areas including; consistency, design of the form, variations in format, sign posting non-factual accuracy responses. In light of this there is a phased improvement project. The first improvement has been in respect of the form. It has been updated, amendments include insertion of a cover sheet with a guide on raising comments, before publication via the factual accuracy form, after publication as outlined in the final report letter, conduct of inspection and representation.

Update: Safe and Caring – The questions – CQC are reviewing the KLOE questions under ‘safe’ and ‘caring’. There has been research and consultation with the co-production groups and the new questions are now being drafted. These will be field tested in November. A new revised inspection framework and handbook will be published in March/April 2017. Further information will follow.

Issues raised by Trade Associations:

Delays in re-inspection especially those who’ require improvement’: It was raised that a service will still be labelled as ‘Requires Improvements’ for many months, until re-inspected, even if they addressed and rectified the issues immediately. The response was that 89% of services are re-inspected within the timeframe of 12 months currently and the aim is to improve this, although the point was acknowledged. It was stated that the CQC have 12 months to re-inspect from the date that the report was published not the date of inspection. We are keen to understand if this is an issue for ARC members so please let us know.

Lisa Lenton

ARC England Director

Please remember, ARC England is there to represent you at the trade association meetings! We regularly attend, so do let us know of any inspection issues or concerns and we will feed these directly to the meetings and get back to you!