Putting Values at the Heart of Recruitment

Values based recruitment is being heavily promoted by sector bodies including the Department of Health (DoH) and Skills for Care as a valuable tool in staff recruitment, retention and development, but how does it actually work and why incorporate into your current recruitment processes?

The successful Values Based Recruitment Toolkit (VBRT) pilot, which ended in 2015 and was conducted by Skills for Care on behalf of the DoH, involved over 100 care providers. At the heart of the VBRT is the Profiles4Care tool, which analyses a candidate’s values using a simple eight minute online questionnaire.

Put simply, the tool evaluates candidates in terms of their natural preferences in intraversion, extraversion, task and people focus. Drawn directly on language and behaviours from the Care Certificate and Leadership Qualities Framework, it assesses the candidate in terms of their values and motivations as a frontline care worker through to operational or strategic leadership.

The tool has been praised by employers for improving retention and creating a positive culture amongst staff teams, and has already been recognised by CQC inspectors as innovative practice for recruitment,” explained Harriet Phillips of Profiles4Care.

To ensure that the candidate’s values match with an organisations, the tool can also be used to benchmark the values important to the organisation by assessing those of successful staff already in post.”

The costs associated with recruiting the wrong member of staff have been estimated at between £8,200 and £30,000. Having the confidence by using the tool that you are recruiting someone who already shares the same values as existing staff who demonstrate core social care values, regardless of experience, means that training and development is much less likely to be wasted.

ARC members are already using Profiles4Care in their human resource processes, including; Nottingham Community Housing Association and Kent Autistic Trust.

On using P4C:  “The feedback from managers who use the profiles regularly is that this way of questioning around values and behaviours allows for an open dialogue and discussion at interview which helps the interview panel get to know the person much more. 

This enables them to make a more confident decision around whether they have the appropriate values and behaviours for posts in Housing with Care and Support.”

“The majority of staff who have been recruited via the P4C platform have been successful in their continued employment with us, which has given the managers more confidence when recruiting for values rather than competencies or skills and knowledge.” – Pam Hannam, Assistant HR Manager, NCHA

ARC has discussed the use of Profiles4Care’s tool further with the company and has negotiated a 20% discount rate for members wishing to incorporate ‘values’ into their recruitment processes. The company offers a 14 day free trial period, following which, if you wish to take up the offer, ARC members will receive the discount.

In the first instance contact Harriet Phillips, Employer Engagement Manager at Profiles4Care

Tel: 07703 714 983 or email: harriet@profiles4care.com