fpldThe Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities recently published a handbook called Talking Together: facilitating peer support activities to help people with learning disabilities understand about growing older and living with dementia.

Here is the link to the work and publication which is free to download:-

It is also available as a printed copy for £15

The handbook came about from some joint work between the FPLD and the Mental Health Foundation who were running groups for people with dementia in extra care housing schemes. We have adapted and developed this work to make it relevant to the lives of people with learning disabilities. The handbook provides 20 participative activities that aim to engage people with learning disabilities to think and talk about the changes that may occur as they get older, including developing dementia. They could be run in a variety of places where people come together, for example a group of people sharing a house together or at daytime activities. There is a detailed description of how to facilitate each activity and links to resources that will help to encourage discussions.