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People not Process is a web based tool that explains what commissioners should think about to make sure they are working in the way the new Act says they should. This includes encouraging commissioners to seriously think about using co-production in their approach to market shaping and commissioning, which is described in the guidance as a “shared endeavour”. This resource explains how commissioners can do this, drawing on a range of evidence of innovative practice and incorporating advice and examples to illustrate the steps that can be taken to make progress.

Top Tips: Commissioning for Market Diversity will help commissioners focus on the work they need to do in developing a care and support market that offers a diverse range of ways for their local population to meet their care and support needs. The guide offers ten top tips, examples and links to further information and a short series of questions that will help commissioners assess their progress in meeting market shaping duties and developing a diverse local market, as defined in the Care Act 2014.
Both resources support the Care Act statutory guidance on commissioning and market shaping and the framework of commissioning standards: Commissioning for Better Outcomes: A Route Map published in 2014.
They will also be valuable tools for NHS commissioners working together with partners to deliver integration and new care models.