ARC’s Strategic Aims

1.  Support and develop

We will support and develop the continual improvement of practice to help individuals and organisations to reach their potential.

2.  Connect and Liaise

We will lead and facilitate conversations, networks and partnerships, which generate new ideas and solutions.

3.  Influence and Voice

We will champion the voices of providers and people who use services in order to influence change.

4.  Financial Sustainability

We will remain sustainable within a financially constrained sector and relevant to changes within the external environment.

ARC’s Vision

Real change that puts people with learning disabilities at the centre of decision-making, and in the heart of their communities.

ARC’s Values

We believe that people with learning disabilities:

  • should be listened to, respected and treated equitably
  • should be fully included in all decisions that affect them
  • should be involved in the planning and delivery of support services
  • can become self-advocates and lead real change in their services and communities

We believe that those who plan and deliver support for people with learning disabilities:

  • should be supported in developing person-centred values and models of support
  • should have access to the knowledge, experience and skills they need to continually learn, reflect and improve what they do
  • should be supported to work in partnership with each other, setting aside commercial interests for the benefit of the people they support

ARC’s Mission

The Association for Real Change is a membership organisation supporting anyone who is involved in the planning or delivery of support or services for people with a learning disability.

Our work also benefits people with other support needs such as autism, mental health issues, long-term health problems and physical and sensory disabilities, and we are therefore committed to sharing our learning and experience across all sectors. Our strategic vision is written at a time of austerity, which is impacting heavily on supported people throughout the UK. Never has our work been more challenging or important.