Active Support Training

Active Support is driven by example and effective leadership and is highly effective when embedded throughout the organisation.

Without an understanding of Active Support, staff tend to provide too little, or too much assistance, with a tendency to provide less assistance to more disabled people and more assistance to more able people. This type of support is referred to as a Hotel Model of support.

For people with lower support needs, Active Support can help improve people’s engagement, either by giving them the opportunity to do things they already have the skill to do (where they do not need much assistance) or by extending the range of available activities to more complex, more interesting and more demanding things, where then the assistance needed is more to do with planning and organising than doing the task.

One of the components of Active Support is to work with managers to support their staff to develop positive behaviour support and protocols to ensure people are supported in a consistent way.  This always leads to observational change in staff behaviour and measurable gains in client outcome.

Active Support Training and Coaching

Part 1: Introduction to Active Support  – Learning disability training

  • Staff learn new ways of engaging and enabling people with a range of intellectual disabilities, behaviour that challenges and autism to be more involved in their own lives.
  • Active Support is a model of support for people working in all areas of Health and Social Care e.g. supported living, day services or domiciliary care.
Introduction to Active Support (Theory)

All staff (from the Service) and Managers from the Service will attend a one day training programme which will give an overview of Active Support and some tools which can be used by the TEAM to support with consistency and therefore client engagement and positive outcomes. This session covers:

  • The history of Active Support – The different models of support from ‘Hotel’ to Person-centred
  • The values within Active Support
  • Active Support and Person-centred Planning – turning plans into action
  • Working as a structured TEAM – not a morning shift or an afternoon shift its the ‘TEAM around the person’
  • Providing support that promotes participation and engagement
  • Looking for opportunities to enable independence not dependence
  • Overview of outcomes – achieving person-centred plans


Part 2: Support for Managers

Research continues to show that the quality of life for people being supported is highly dependable on the quality of staff and team support. Active Support is driven by example and effective leadership.

Interactive Active Support Training (Theory)

This session is a one-day training session aimed at Service managers, and others with a supervisory role who will be supporting the TEAM to deliver Active Support. This session is essential for successful implementation and will help ensure managers can practice manage and offer continuing support to new and current staff members in delivering Active Support. (All attendees must have attended the one day Introduction to Active Support.) The training covers:

  • Practice managing Active Support – what does that mean?
  • Examining current practice – what do you see happening in the Service and not just to rely on what it says in the paperwork?
  • Supporting the TEAM to work consistently – how can you do that if you are not supporting in the Service?
  • Supervisory skills: developing both formal and informal skills through practical observation and feedback to the TEAM on a regular basis.
  • Setting achievable goals from Person Centred Plans and monitoring outcomes – how do you know your TEAM are supporting to achieve these outcomes – how can you show your managers – how are you showing achievements and quality of life?
  • Motivating your staff TEAM and individuals.
  • Working beyond the paperwork.
  • Where to go for further advice and support.

Active Support improves the quality of life of service users.

It does this by showing support staff, managers and organisations how to support in a more proactive way to turn person-centred values into action. More and more support living services and day service providers are changing their approach to support from the ‘Hotel’ model to the Active Support model.

We can offer this one-day introduction to Active Support for organisations and care staff, a delivered course at your organisation and can provide Active Support training and support that can be tailored to your organisation’s individual needs It can be combined with the UK Active Support Practice  Development Service which includes consultancy, information, presentations, training, experience and continuing support which is available by joining the Active Support .

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