Livability Lifestyle Choice – East Midlands

Active Support in tandem with Life Star

Moving forward with Active Support in the day service has been slower than we hoped, however we have had a massive boost since implementing Life Star.  These two projects complement each other well, and it is much clearer where opportunity plans fit in for people.

The Life Star has nine points, and staff work with customers and their families/carers to plot their baseline assessment along the points.  It is then quite clear where we can support people to gain further independence in certain areas, or where they would like to be more active.  Action Plans (Opportunity Plans!) are used to implement this next stage – noting exactly how the individual will be supported to achieve their outcomes.  These Action/Opportunity Plans will then be used to inform the aims and objectives of the groups activities the customer participates in.

Examples of recent achievements:

One lady was not eating much fresh fruit.  She is now supported (verbal prompts) to make a fresh fruit salad in a cookery group and  at home.

Another lady makes her cup of tea using pictorial references.

Dawn Gentry