Promoting and Providing Active Support Training Pack LD203 and 303

This pack covers the underpinning knowledge of providing and promoting active support for individuals in health and social care.

This interactive training package is also available as the one-day Promoting and Providing Active Support Delivered Training Course

The pack has been designed to ensure it covers the learning Outcomes of units on the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF).

The units that are covered are:

  • LD 203 Provide Active Support
  • LD 303 Promote Active Support

Image: Course information
Pack information:

This is a distance/ open learning pack which is designed in an easy to follow format with information to read and exercises to help learners relate their learning back to the workplace and help consolidate the knowledge.

Learners work their way through the Promoting and Providing Active Support Distance Learning Pack, reading, doing exercises and gathering information from their workplace on ‘ways of working’ until the pack is complete.

Once the pack has been completed learners are then given the workbook, which is completed then sent for assessment by our appropriately qualified assessors. Once it is assessed they can use this as evidence if they wish to go on to complete the full unit which is is competence based, learners would need their competence assessed in the workplace. The assessed workbook can be used as evidence of their knowledge base.

These packs are specifically designed for organisations that find it difficult to get enough staff together to have a delivered course. Using the Distance Learning packs they can start new staff on their induction as soon as they start and don’t have to wait for available courses or a big enough cohort.
One of the main advantages to the Distance Learning Pack is that the learner can work through the pack at their own pace. Enthusiastic new starters can go though the pack quite quickly, equally those who may find training difficult can take their time to go through the information and re-read things to help the knowledge become established.

Image: Assessment


We have designed workbooks to go with these two units, so that learners can complete their training, answer the questions in the workbook, and have their workbook assessed by our appropriately qualified assessors (in line with QCF guidelines). This enables learners to complete the knowledge component of these units.

On successful completion of the training and workbooks learners can go on to complete the whole unit, by having their performance assessed in their work environment. This can be used towards a qualification such as the Health and Social Care Diploma or as part of a person’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Image: Who is this pack for?This pack is for:

The Promoting and Providing Active Support Distance Learning pack is aimed at front line staff or senior staff who are using Active Support or wish to develop the use of Active Support in their workplace. This training can be used to support unit attainment towards their Health and Social Care qualification or for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Image: Promoting and Providing Active Support Distance Learning PackPromoting and Providing Active Support is available as:

Image: Delivered Course Delivered Course:
Price dependent on numbers: please contact Lisa
on email:
Active Support Distance Learning plus Workbook only (no assessment):
ARC Members £28 | Non-members £33
Active Support Distance Learning Pack, Workbook PLUS Assessment and feedback:
ARC Members £39.50 | Non-members £44.50