Workforce Development Funding 2017-18

Skills for Care tenders are now open for the new funding year.

ARC will be submitting our 2017/18 application for a new one year contract in February 2017.

ARC is now coming to the end of its current contract to distribute Skills for Care Workforce Development Funding. We will be informed of the outcome of our tender during April 2017 and we will inform all our Partners as soon as we know.

We are currently contacting all our existing Partners to request their funding requirements for 2017/2018.

If you are not already accessing funding and would like to join our Partnership, or if you need assistance on completing your ‘funding requirements’ please contact us on 01246 541671 email:

Download the ARC Workforce Plan, Skills for Care Skills for Care List of acceptable units 2017-18 and Skills for Care List of funded qualifications and learning programmes to assist you with completing your funding request.

Note: The Care Certificate has been mapped across to Health & Social Care qualification units.

For more information on workforce development funding please access our main funding website.