WDF Processes, Guidance and Documentation

Process for joining the ARC 2016/2017 Partnership:

Our Partnership is no longer accepting new members for the 2016/17 funding year.  When the outcome of our new tender for 2017/18 is known we will update the Workforce Development pages of our website accordingly.

To join the Partnership, please complete the following 4 forms

  • Members declaration form 16/17 (April 16) (only required for new Partners).

The main page is for your establishment details if just one establishment, or for the Head Office/main establishment of a group. The additional sheets are to record details where there are multiple establishments/worksites, each with their own NMDS number, under which you anticipate you will claim WDF for the employees through ARC. An establishment can only be a member of one WDF partnership at a time.

  • ARC Partnership Agreement 2016/17 –one Partnership Agreement only is required for your group or establishment.
  • BACS Funding 2016/17 – if your organisation has more than one bank account, we require one BACS form for each account with the relevant NMDS-SC numbers.
  • WDF Requirements Request 2016/17. Please complete this with reference to the Skills for Care ‘Table of Health & Social Care Qualifications’ and ‘List of Acceptable Units’ in our ‘Documents’ section below, to provide a realistic estimate of funding you are seeking. Then forward the completed forms to WDF Team, Association for Real Change, 10a Marsden Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1JY

When we receive the completed forms we will forward your WDF Members Declaration Form to Skills for Care. If Skills for Care confirm their acceptance of your establishment/s you will be added to the ARC partnership. We will email to advise you that your Partnership has been processed and that we are ready to accept claims from you. At this stage if you are not up to date with your NMDS we will advise you that you need to take action to resolve this. Note: if your NMDS has not been updated since 1st April 2016 we will not be able to process your claims.

When claims are received (overview)…
We check to see that the evidence supplied is in accordance with Skills for Care guidelines and the ARC process for claiming funding (see below). If everything is in order we will submit your claims to Skills for Care. If your claims are not supplied to us in accordance with the requirements we will contact you identifying why we are unable to claim. If evidence is submitted with an incorrect or duplicate registration number or ULN, the units will not be processed.

When payments are made
Following submission of claims sent to Skills for Care, it can take up to 20 working days for them to make payment to ARC. Payments to our Partners will then be paid by BACS to the organisation’s bank account. We will email a breakdown of the claims funded.

What can and cannot be funded

  • Skills for Care will not fund claims that have been paid out in previous years, nor units that have been funded elsewhere, nor childcare qualifications.
  • Please note that where employers are claiming from more than one source of public funding they must ensure that they do not claim the same cost from more than one source e.g. if the course fee has been covered from one source of public funding, it cannot be claimed via WDF.
  • It is an employers’ responsibility to ensure that they do not claim more funding than the cost to them, of employees undertaking training, but direct costs such as course fees, employees’ salaries and backfill if required (i.e. wage replacement costs) can be included for this fund. Costs must be incurred before WDF is claimed.
  • Employers must ensure that they have records in place to evidence the costs of any funding.

How to submit units for funding
You need to complete an ARC WDF Claim Form 2016/17 for each batch you send us. The claim form can be used for one or more employees/claims as long as they are from the same establishment. Attach to this the required evidence per employee/claim. You may find the attached Checklist for common WDF errors helpful.

Evidence that is accepted:
Adult Health and Social Care SfC Unit summary sheet (V1 April 16) or if a candidate is completing multiple units and these will be claimed together, you may prefer to do this via one SfC Multiple units summary sheet (V1 April 16) or your training provider’s equivalent single and multiple sheets. These must capture the specified list of criteria. If any of the following details are missing we are unable to process your claims.

A single or multiple unit evidence sheet which contains:

  • Candidate name *
  • Candidate’s Unique Learner Number (ULN) * (10 digits long)
  • Candidate Registration Number/Enrolment Number *
  • Unit code and title *, as detailed on the Skills for Care List of Acceptable Units – September 16
  • Name of Awarding Body *
  • Name of Training Provider *
  • Internal Verifier IV/IQA signature and date for each unit (1/1/16 – 31/3/17)

Certificates are also accepted as evidence, provided they contain all the above criteria *. Missing data can be handwritten in. If the Training Provider details are not shown on the certificate, we can accept a Centre No. Units need to be certificated between 1/1/16 and 31/3/17.

All evidence submitted must be signed, dated and received between 1st January 2016 and 15th March 2017, and sent with the Claim Form by post to our Chesterfield office, attn: WDF.

The maximum number of credits that can be claimed for any individual learner is 60 credits per year. Please do not submit more than 60 – Skills for Care will reject the whole claim if more than 60 credits are submitted in the 2016/17 funding year.

Please make sure the evidence submitted is accurate, readable and complete.

Guidance and Documents

Skills for Care:

Accessing Workforce Development Fund – Guidance for employers April 16
Making the most out of your NMDS account
The NMDS-SC Data Journey
WDF eligibility criteria
Terms of accessing WDF
Choosing workforce learning
Skills for Care List of Acceptable Units – September 16
Table of health and social care qualifications April 16
Members declaration form 16/17 April 16
SfC Unit summary sheet April 16
SfC Multiple units summary sheet April 16


ARC Partnership Agreement 2016/17
BACS Funding 2016/17
WDF Requirements Request 2016/17
ARC WDF Claim Form 2016/17
Checklist for common WDF errors
Amendments to WDF Partnership Details form
Template Letter to Training Providers
Complaints Procedure for ARC WDF Partnerships

For more information about ARC’s SfC WDF partnerships and funding contact: