Refreshed Common Induction Standards compulsory from 10/6/11

Image: Skills-for-Care-Logo195First published in June 2010, the “Refreshed” Common Induction Standards become “official” on 10 June 2011 when a transitional 12-month period during which organisations chose to use either the old (2005) Standards, or the new ones comes to an end.

So, from 10 June 2011, the new Standards MUST be used.

Whilst carrying out inspections, Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission and other regulatory bodies will expect to see evidence that the Standards have been met.

According to Skills for Care:

  • “Service providers are advised that all adult social care practitioners should complete the Common Induction Standards within 12 weeks of starting their job”
  • “Completion is subject to a recorded assessment which identifies the areas of work that the practitioner is competent to undertake at that point in time”
  • “Lone working should not be permitted until the CIS are completed or until competence has been assessed and a manager ‘signs off’ that a practitioner is ‘safe to leave’ to work alone”

(Extract from “Capable, Confident, Skilled: A workforce development strategy for people working, supporting and caring in adult social care”, Skills for Care, May 2011).

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