New qualifications are on their way!

New qualifications for staff working in Health and Social Care are to be launched in January 2011.
Registrations on to the existing NVQs and LDQ will stop at the end of this year. Anyone who has registered on to them before then will have sufficient time to complete. Do not worry that you will have an out of date qualification. LDQ or NVQ will be still valid in the future just as any other qualifications are (for example ‘O’ levels are still recognised and valid despite GCSEs being the current qualification).

From January 2011 the main new generic qualification will be:

  • The Health and Social Care Diploma at level 2 and 3 (similar to the current NVQs in Health and Social Care at level 2 and 3)

For staff working in Learning Disability services there will be:

  • The Health and Social Care Diploma (Learning Disability) at level 2 or 3.
    This will be a mix of generic units and learning disability specific units
  • Health and Social Care Certificate (Learning Disability).
    This is a smaller qualification containing learning disability specific units.
    This may also provide Continual Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for staff with the generic qualifications.

From January 2011 all new workers in health and social care will need to do the following:

  • The Refreshed Common Induction Standards (CIS) set by Skills for Care.
    These tell you the essential learning outcomes that are needed to work in health and social care.
    The Refreshed CIS can still be assessed internally and signed off by the service manager (the same as it is now).

How ARC and TASS UK can support you?

ARC and TASS UK can help you in your move from the current qualifications to the new Diplomas. They are working together to produce training and assessment materials that cover the Refreshed CIS, the learning disability Certificate as well as the learning disability and generic Diploma.

The training will look and feel very similar to the current Basic Steps training.
There will be an Induction (covering Refreshed CIS) with a Manager sign off and a more detailed Induction including assessment, which will start the learner on the route for the Diploma. ARC and TASS UK will be offering the Health & Social Care Diploma and Certificate as full qualifications and unit routes for those wishing to build up or top up credit towards full qualifications or for CPD.

Medication training
ARC and TASS UK are revising the Handling Medication in Social Care Settings training materials to meet the new qualification requirements (including training and assessment for the Medication units in the HSC Diploma).

If you would like any further information or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us:

Gill Shaw: 01246 541676

Shirley Potter: 01246 555 043