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How Long will it take to receive my certificate?

Disclosure Scotland works within a Service Level Agreement to produce 90% of all types of Disclosure, for a correctly completed application with no further enquiries, within 14 calendar days. This is measured from the day they receive the application to the day of dispatch. Certificates are dispatched 1st class Royal Mail postage.
As of 30 October 2016, Disclosure Scotland have been working inside their performance target for processing applications. Their average turnaround time for applications processed w/c 24th October was 99.9% within 14 days.
As some applications may require further enquiries, these applications may take longer than Disclosure Scotland quoted average turnaround time.

PVG and the Duty to Refer

The Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 provides a scheme of barred lists for those individuals barred from working with children or protect adults.  Under the Act it is the duty of employers to make a referral if they dismiss or move an indiviudal permanently from regulated work  read more ..

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme

The PVG Scheme will:

  • Help to ensure that those individuals who have regular contact with children and/or protected adults through paid and volunteer work do not have a known history of harmful behavior.
  • Be quicker and easier to use, reducing the need for PVG Scheme members to complete a detailed application form every time a disclosure check is required.
  • Strike a balance between proportionate protection and robust regulation and make it easier for employers to determine who they should check to protect their client group.

The Disclosure Scotland website gives comprehensive information about the PVG Scheme and outlines the information included in the disclosure, depending on the type of disclosure applied for.

To access the PVG Scheme you can use an Intermediary or Umbrella Body such as ARC Disclosure Service.

To use the ARC Disclosure Service for carrying out checks in Scotland we require organisations to be registered with us – Registration is FREE…

To register your organisation with the ARC Disclosure Service please complete the following 3 forms:

Forward the completed forms either via email to: disclosureservice@arcuk.org.uk or post to: Disclosure Service, Association for Real Change, Marsden Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1JY.

Once we have received the completed forms we will register your organisation and provide you with a starter pack of blank application forms and guidance documents for your use.

What will it cost?

Disclosure fees:  Initial PVG Scheme Registration:

  • ARC members £59.00 (+admin £13.50) = £72.50
  • Registered Users £59.00 (+admin £15.00) = £74.00

PVG Scheme Record:

  • ARC members £59.00 (+admin £13.50) = £72.50
  • Registered Users £59.00 (+admin £15.00) = £74.00

PVG Scheme Record Update:

  • ARC members £18.00 (+admin £13.50) = £31.50
  • Registered Users £18.00 (+admin £15.00) = £33.00

If you would like to enquire about our services, please contact us at Disclosure Service, Association for Real Change, 10a Marsden Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1JY or via our dedicated telephone number 01246 541660 or email: disclosureservice@arcuk.org.uk


Are you already registered with ARC Disclosure Service and need more information or guidance?