European Care Certificate

Image: ECC CompliantThe European Care Certificate (ECC) has been developed by several organisations including the Association for Real Change.

It was initially introduced as a pilot programme funded from the Leonardo Da Vinci funding stream of the European Commission.

An entry-level certificate in social care for Europe.

The ECC was designed to be an entry-level certificate in the care sector which would be recognised in different countries. The certificate shows that the worker has a basic understanding of social care. In time we hope that the ECC will become recognised throughout Europe – making the task of assessing European workers’ knowledge easier.

Starter Pack information:

The ECC Starter Pack has information on the certificate. It includes the following:

  • What is the European Care Certificate (ECC) and why would I need it?
  • How can I use the ECC?
  • How can you become an ECC partner or delivery agent?
  • The Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes (BESCLO) FAQs
  • A brief guide to working in the care sector in Austria, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, UK
  • ECC future – expansion and further development.