Our Beliefs

All of ARC Scotland’s work is driven by our beliefs. We believe that:

  • Everyone should be treated equally and, as unique individuals, everyone makes valuable contributions to society
  • Person centred values and models of support are the best way to improve people’s quality of life
  • Everyone should have the support they need to be included in their local community
  • People should have the opportunity to be involved in how their support is planned and delivered at both a local and national level
  • Everyone who plans or delivers support should have access to the knowledge, experience and skills they need to continually improve what they do
  • People’s quality of life can be improved by supporting those who plan and deliver support to work effectively in partnership with each other and with the people they support
  • We believe in the capacity of those who plan and deliver support to continually reflect and change their practice to improve what they do
  • People are best placed to make informed choices about how they live their lives.