NES Learning Disability Programme Board

NES Learning Disability Programme Board

ARC Scotland sits on the NES Learning Disability Programme Board representing the Third Sector. It was established to take forward the recommendations from Strengthening the Commitment, which sets out the vision of how learning disability nurses could expand their role to ensure that people with learning disabilities are treated with dignity and respect and receive the care and support they need. It also aims to support educational activity arising from the Keys to Life.

The Board has recently reviewed it’s remit and agreed the following. The aim is to provide strategic guidance and support to the Programme Team, and more specifically to:

  1. Provide a strategic lead to the programme of work, and in relation to each workstream or project within it;
  2. Inform future learning disability workforce training, education and development needs.
  1. Inform performance management measures and indicators based on planned activities;
  2. Ensure overall compliance with NES wide governance arrangements;
  3. Share strategic updates from organisations relevant to the programme of work.

The Board meets 3 times a year. It is chaired by Susanne Forrest from NHS Education for Scotland.

Members attend from:

  • Scottish Government
  • The Keys to Life Team
  • SCLD
  • Nurse Consultant Group
  • Scottish Learning Disability Nursing Network
  • Senior Nurse group
  • Managed Care Network
  • Scotland Colleges
  • Joint Improvement Team

The Programme Board has funded 6 projects to take forward the Recommendations of Strengthening the Commitment over the last financial year. A Report on this work will be published shortly. We will post this on the ARC Scotland website when we receive it.

A resource has been produced – “Equal Health” An Educational Framework on Health Equalities for people with Learning Disabilities for all practitioners working with people with learning disabilities: a human rights-based approach” , to view click here – Equal Health Print May. It aims to equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills to help reduce health inequalities that affect people with learning disabilities. It is relevant to support workers as well as nursing staff.

A report on the achievements in relation to Strengthening the Commitment over the last 3 years has been published. It is attached here Strengthening the Commitment: Living the Commitment” – 00482976

The Programme Board is keen to continue to support and progress the priority areas within The Keys to Life as appropriate to it’s work.

The project has established an NES Learning Disability Forum of people with learning disabilities and family carers. This Forum will be consulted on all the programmes of work. Some of the individuals involved will also be involved in training learning disability nurses and other nursing students.

The project has been building capacity with both learning disability nurses and support staff in Positive Behavioural Support approaches.

We will continue to post minutes and other important documents on the ARC Scotland website.

Other documents:

Remit of the programme board – click here Programme Board Remit – a new remit is being agreed and will be posted shortly.

Update on NES projects for Board meeting on 20th January 2014 – click here NES update

Downs Syndrome report – please click here to download the report – Down’s Syndrome Project Update 200514

The Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability in collaboration with Down’s Syndrome Scotland have carried out a research project to identify how many people there are with Down’s Syndrome in Scotland. We were asked to do this by the Scottish Government as a result of a Parliamentary question on the numbers of people who may be at risk of early onset dementia. We have used GP data to do this and so our results will show how many people with Down’s Syndrome are registered with a GP in Scotland. The report for this project will be published in June. Some headline information about the project methodology can be found here. To find out more information, please contact Claire Stuart on 0141 559 5720 or at