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Choice, Control and Influence

The aim of the NIN is to help people who use services to have more choice and control over their lives and to have a bigger say in how the organisations that support them are run.


Caroline Gray - Chairperson NIN

Caroline Grey, Former Chairperson National Involvement Network


A good thing about the Charter is getting your points across and speaking up
Lynnette Linton – Chairperson, National Involvement Network.

ARC Scotland runs the National Involvement Network (NIN).

There are over 50 people in the NIN. We meet every three months in Glasgow or Edinburgh. New people are very welcome to come.

The Chairperson of the NIN is Lynnette Linton.

In 2009 members of the NIN wrote and published its Charter for Involvement.  It states how people want to be involved in the things that affect their lives.  The Charter was evaluated in 2012 and a new version is going to be launched in 2014.

We also make sure that the Charter for Involvement is making a difference to people’s lives.

People from the following organisations come to NIN meetings:

  • Brothers of Charity Services
  • George Steven Centre
  • ARK
  • Quarriers
  • Hansel Alliance
  • Garvald Edinburgh,
  • Partners in Advocacy
  • St Josephs
  • Turning Point Scotland
  • Real Life Options



Lynnette Linton, Chairperson of the National Involvement Network






Contact us

If you would like to find out more about the National Involvement Network please contact:

  • Paddy Carstairs – 0131 663 4444
  • Sylvia Crick – 0131 663 4444