National Information on Self Directed Support

These pages contain links to websites which have useful information about Self Directed Support and Personalisation.

There are also some articles and papers which we think will be of interest to providers and others interested in issues related to Personalisation and Self Directed Support.

If you wish to contact the Lead Officer for Self Directed Support for your Local Authority area, here is a list, please click here SDS Leads

National Guidance & SDS Act

Self-directed Support Act passed
The Self-directed Support Bill was given royal assent on 10 January 2013 to become the Social Care (Self-directed Support)(Scotland) Act 2013. You can follow this link to read the full Act –

National Strategy for Self Directed Support –  sets out the Scottish Government National 10 year Strategy.  To view the report click here SDS National Strategy

SDS Act Goes Live!

National guidance launched

New rights for supported people came into force yesterday as the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act went live.  This should mean that everyone who is entitled to social care support should be offered greater choice, control and flexibility over their support.

Statutory Guidance and Direct Payment Regulations

The Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson, launched the Statutory Guidance and Regulations to accompany the Act which are available to download here:

Statutory Guidance  to accompany the Social Care (Self-directed Support)(Scotland) Act Self-directed Support (Direct Payments) (Scotland) Regulations 2014

National Guides for Users, Carers and Practitioners

The Minister also launched the national guides for Users, Carers and Practitioners (this includes social workers and others with new statutory duties under the Act). Check out the guides on this new website: SDS Best Practice Guides for Users, Carers and Practitioners

Useful Websites

Community Care Providers Scotland –

SDSS have also created a new resource to enable anybody in Scotland to search for local SDS Information and Support services.  If you want to know more about SDS, how you can access it, and what support you can get along the way, you can search this database to find out which organisations in your area can help. The relevant website is

Scottish Government –

Self Directed Support Scotland –

Evaluation Scotland –

Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services –

Co Production Scotland –

Outside the Box –

National Transitions Forum – Supported by ARC Scotland –

Helen Sanderson Associates – has lots of info on person centred approaches.

In Control –

Progress for Providers –   The Progress for Providers Series are a range of simple self-assessments to enable providers to deliver more personalised services.  These include:
•    High level one aimed at senior managers
•    Aimed at first line and middle managers
•    Aimed at care homes for people with dementia
•    Aimed at reablement services
•    Services for people living at home. –  Changing Support, Changing Lives is a partnership of providers who have come together to support other providers to make the transformation to Self-Directed Support (SDS) in Scotland.

Their mission is to work in partnership with providers and commissioners,
and challenge them to develop:
* Increased understanding and knowledge of SDS
* Increased innovation and diversity in what is available for people directing their own support
* More flexible ways of supporting people
* Different ways of working with people who access support
* Capacity to respond flexibly and implement cultural and organisational change
* More effective commissioning

Social Services Knowledge Scotland SDS Portal

The website is here to support everyone in the health and social services workforce across Scotland as they implement SDS.    Here you will find links to quality assured information and to learning resources which will help with all aspects of work with the SDS strategy.  You can also keep up to date with the latest news and events related to SDS, as well as  look at sharing information and stories through online communities of practice.

Open University – Foundations for SDS in Scotland

Foundations for Self-directed Support in Scotland is a short Open Learn study unit that explores the development and impact of personalisation in health and social care in Scotland.

The course aims to provide a broad grounding in personalisation and is intended to be studied by a wide range of people: service users, carers and people who are employed in health and social care, including personal assistants, social care workers, nurses, social workers and doctors.

Interesting documents/articles

Charter for Involvement – National Involvement Network – written by people who use services to set out what they want and expect from being involved in service planning and delivery

Progress for Providers – this document was produced by a range of organisations to help providers check their progress in delivering personalised services. To view the report click here  progressforproviders

There are also other versions which you will find on the Progress for Providers website – see list of useful websites above.  Some of them are also posted here.  For one to help check your progress towards delivering personalised support for people living with dementia – click here progressforprovidersdementia.  For one to help check you progress towards delivering personalised support for people living at home, click here progressforproviderswebversion.  For the one designed for managers – click here progressforprovidersmanagerscomplete.

Peer Power – written by Simon Duffy. This is an evaluation of the Personalisation Forum Group – a User led organisation for people in Doncaster.  To view the report click here peer-power

Architecture for Personalisation – written by Simon Duffy and Kate Foulton.  This report is about care management and community based support in Yorkshire and Humber.  To view the report click here architecture-for-personalisation-report

Making it real – Marking progress towards personalised Community Based support – produced by Think Local Act Personal, this document sets out some Key Themes and Criteria for demonstrating commitment to personalisation and community based support.  To view the report click here MakingItReal-1

Person centred planning – Advice for Providers produced by the Department of Health, this document discusses how to deliver person centred support to individuals and create person centred organisations.  To view the report click here Person Centred Planning

Choice and Control for all – the role of Individual Service Funds (ISF’s) in delivering fully personalised care and support – this document, produced by Groundswell, looks at how ISF’s have developed, setting up a new service as an ISF and shifting from a block contract to ISF’s.  To view the report click here choice_and_control_for_all_groundswell_2012[1]


Person Centred Homecare – By Helen Sanderson – takes the description and principles of Individual Service Funds, from the Groundswell and HSA paper ‘Choice and Control for all – the role of ISF’s in delivering fully personalised care and support’ and applies this to home care services – click here to view the report person centred homecare

Talking Points Personal Outcomes Approach – this is a summary briefing from Ailsa Cook and Emma Miller from June 2012 which gives a basic outline of the Talking Points Personal Outcomes Approach.  For more info click here Talking Points – Summary Briefing – 21 June 2012

Easy Read information or information for individuals and carers

An Easy Guide to Direct Payments – giving you Choice and Control – by the Department of Health – click here direct_payments_easy_guide

Information about Personalisation and Self Directed Support – this Booklet was produced by ARC Scotland to explain some of the terms people use when talking about Self Directed Support.  It explains how Personalisation works in Dumfries and Galloway and has 3 stories from people with their own Individual Budget.  To view the report click here Information about Personalisation and self Directed Support

Personalisation – Direct Payments with Information about Personalisation and Self Directed Support – This is from the Social Care Institute for Excellence.  It explains what personalisation is and what it means for individuals.  To view the report click here

Making your Support Plan.  This easy read Booklet by Helen Sanderson and Andrew Tyson is from in-Control.  It explains what a Support plan is and how to put one together for yourself.  To view the report click here making your support plan

Top Ten Tips for buying your own support – this document was produced by the Voluntary Organisation Disability Group. It can help you to learn what to look for when choosing a support provider and tells you what questions you need to ask.  To view the report click here Top-Tips__t _buying _supporteasyread

Helpful books

Making it Personal for Everyone: From Block Contracts towards Individual Service Funds – Steve Scown and Helen Sanderson – written for providers, describing the journey towards more personalised services taken by Dimensions, highlighting the person centred approaches they found helpful and the lessons they learned along the way.

Personalisation: A Rough Guide – by Social Care Institute for Excellence – captures some of the key developments in relation what personalisation means for adult care and support services.

A Practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation – Helen Sanderson and Jaimee Lewis–  seeks to show what true ‘personalisation is and explores and describes the contribution person centred practice can make to delivering it.

Personalisation – Practical thoughts and ideas from people making it happen – OLM – Pavilion – sets out to share and communicate a few experiences of making the change towards more personalised services happen.