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  • Share our values and beliefs Like you, we are driven by our values and are committed to putting them into practice
  • Benefit from belonging to our networks We rely on the support of our members to bring people together and make change happen
  • Want to save on training costs Members get a 5% discount on all of our training products and services
  • Value direct access to our knowledge and experience We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we have with our members. We contact all new members to talk about how we can work together
  • Want better connections with others We will help you to work with people and organisations from all sectors to help you to address the critical issues you face
  • Want to help us plan for the future We regularly consult and involve members in our plans, and members can attend and vote at our AGM

We welcome applications for membership of ARC Scotland from:

  • Providers organisations from all sectors
  • National bodies and academic institutions that are committed to improving support for people with additional support needs
  • People who recieve support and their families who employ their own personal assistants
  • Advocacy and self-advocacy organisations that are seeking to influence how support is planned and delivered

Applications for membership should be endorsed by your Chief Executive or equivalent.

Our beliefs

We are committed to putting our values and beliefs into action and are seeking applications for membership from organisations that share them.
Please read our beliefs before deciding to apply

Membership fees

Membership fees are between £50 and £950.
See our membership fees