Hate Crime and Internet Safety

ARC Scotland is part of a national network of agencies working to raise the profile of Cyberbullying, Mate Crime and other forms of abuse which people with learning difficulties may be the victims of through use of social media and the Internet.  To access information and link to the website click here Safer Net flyer

We are also working with Police Scotland, People First Scotland, Cornerstone, SCLD and LDAS to raise the profile of examples of good work on disability hate crime between people with learning difficulties and Police Scotland across the whole of Scotland.  Our aim is to share this and seek to embed some of it more widely.

Here are some materials which ARC Scotland has produced to provide easy read information

Inclusion Scotland has worked with EHRC and disabled people to develop a toolkit for disabled people to work with them to address disability harassment and hate crime.

There is a full toolkit and an Easy Read version if you click on this link:


ARC Scotland is a member of the  Tackling Learning Disability Hate Crime Group. This group focuses on Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents which target people with Learning Disabilities.

Our group is comprised of representatives from Police Scotland, Association for Real Change Scotland (ARC Scotland), Learning Disability Alliance Scotland (LDAS), Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD), People First (Scotland) Inclusion Scotland, Quarriers, I Am Me Scotland, and Cornerstone.

We are interested in sharing good practice and addressing the nationwide under-reporting and lack of recognition around Hate Crime and Hate Incidents, particularly against people with Learning Disabilities.

We have compiled a list of resources which we are all either involved in or aware of across Scotland for your information.  This will now be hosted on the Keys to life website http://keystolife.info/.

Click below to view easy read information on Hate Crime :


Get in touch with ARC ScotlandIf you would like to join us, or would like more information, please contact Sylvia Crick:

0131 663 4444