Citizen Leadership

ARC Scotland were involved in designing and developing a training pack to take forward the Principles and Standards of Citizen Leadership, which were developed by the User and Carer forum linked to Changing Lives. Edinburgh Development Group, Heartfelt and SCLD were the partner agencies in this initiative.

The course is called Preparing for Change. » See The material – a DVD of stories from citizen Leaders, and a CD of the training Materials

Have you done something to make a positive change in the support services you receive? Maybe you have done something to make services in your community or your country better?

These are examples of Citizen Leadership. This is an idea created by a group of people who use social services and carers. The idea is that it is not just professionals who can make change happen.

People who use services and carers can be leaders too!

Does this sound like you or your organisation?

Citizen Leadership is based on 8 important principles…


Image: PotentialPotential

Everyone should have their leadership potential recognised.

Image: DevelopmentDevelopment

People’s leadership potential can only be fulfilled through opportunities for development.

Image: Early Involvement Early Involvement

People who use services and carers must be involved at all stages of developing and delivering services.

Image: Person-centredPerson-centred

Everyone is an individual and should be helped to show leadership in the way that suits them best.

Image: Information Information

People need information that is clear to them and they need it in plenty of time.

Image: Equality Equality

People use their leadership skills to challenge inequality in services and wider society.

Image: Control through Partnership Control through Partnership

Citizen Leadership enables people to have more control over their own lives and services, through working in partnership with those services.

Image: Wider BenefitWider Benefit

Citizen Leadership is for the benefit of other people who use services as well as yourself.

Regional Activitiy

Keep Safe Scheme in Dumfries

Donna Anderson and Rea Murray from the Dumfries Getting Involved Group (GIG) both spoke at the Launch of the Keep Safe scheme in Dumfries on 28th August. The scheme was launched in partnership with Police Scotland. Keep Safe works with local businesses to provide a safe place for people with learning difficulties to go if they need one if they are being harassed for example or are anxious or lost.

Donna spoke about how the scheme can help people. She said “We are often shouted at, called names and bullied when we are out and about in the streets. It can be really frightening. It will be very helpful to have a safe place to go just to calm down and be with someone who understands.

Rea had been to visit several businesses in Dumfries High Street to ask if they would consider signing up to the scheme. One of these – Marks and Spencer – became the first business to formally sign up.

Donna speaking

Donna Anderson GIG group


Rea speaking]

Rea Murray GIG group

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