Balhousie Care Group sign up to the Charter for Involvement

Balhousie 222Balhousie Care Group became the 45th organisation to sign up to the Charter for Involvement and make a public commitment to putting the principles and statements from the Charter into practice.

It also became the first Care Home provider in Scotland to sign up to the Charter. We hope other Care Homes will follow suit. We believe the Charter applies to people who get support in all types of services.

Balhousie spent a long time engaging with residents, family members, carers and staff to produce its new Participation Charter which was inspired by the NIN Charter for Involvement.

Balhousie provides residential and nursing care for the elderly, people with dementia and a variety of other needs. It decided to make it’s charter more suitable for the people it serves and came up with 9 statements and illustrations that reflect the culture of the organisation.

The new Participation Charter was introduced at a forum of managers and will be rolled out throughout the organisation. Balhousie’s main step is to embed the principles of the statements within its 24 Care Homes. The charter complements Balhousie’s concept of Together We’re Great which was launched as part of the organisation’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

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