ARC Scotland meet Gavin Harding

dsc_1196ARC Scotland were happy to meet Gavin Harding at the LDAS AGM; Gavin is the Mayor for Selby in North Yorkshire and the first person with a learning disability to be elected as Mayor in the whole of the UK. Peter said ‘Gavin’s story was quite remarkable and like so many of the people we support, his achievements have been a result of hard work and grim determination in the face of adversity’. Gavin shared with the group that he had spent over two and a half years in an NHS assessment treatment unit and now he works hard to ensure people with a learning disability get a better treatment at the times they need it most. Gavin has also spent time with each of the people who formally lived at Winterbourne View and he was happy to report that everyone he met was well settled and their quality of life was much improved. Gavin served as counsellor in Selby with some distinction and was awarded an MBE for his work in 2014; he was appointed as Mayor in 2015. Gavin said he has noticed a big improvement in people attitudes towards disability since and his first appointment to office, there has been a marked increase in the reporting of abuse which is perhaps an indication of it being better embedded in the public consciousness. Peter added ‘ it was a real pleasure to hear Gavin speak, I feel Selby can only be richer for having Gavin as Mayor.