How is an SVQ structured?

All Social Services and Healthcare awards are constructed of mandatory units and optional units (a unit is like a module).

Level 2 has 4 mandatory units and 2 optional units, while level 3 and level 4 and the Leadership and Management award have 4 mandatory and 4 optional.

Mandatory units

The mandatory units are the same for every candidate regardless of whether they work in a residential setting, a care at home setting or supported living services and regardless of type of service, such as care of the elderly, support for mental ill health, learning disability etc.

These units reflect core values and ethics which are expected to be demonstrated by every worker. They cover Communication, Health & Safety, Continuing Professional Development and the wellbeing and protection of people.

Optional units

The candidate, guided by the assessor, then selects the optional units based on their work setting and their role.