Talking About Money Trainer’s Manual

Talking About Money Trainer's Manual

Talking About Money is a Training Manual specifically designed for individuals with a learning disability and their supporters.

£125.00 — £150.00

The trainer’s manual helps individuals to understand more about money, bank accounts, budgeting, debt and how to take more control of their own money.

It has been written in an accessible and interactive style, with easy-read handouts, lots of individual and group exercises, aiming to make learning fun.

The course takes learners through the following questions:

  1. What is money? Why do we need it? Why is it so important?
  2. Where does money come from?
  3. How do you know what to do with your money?
  4. What are banks and bank accounts?
  5. How do I manage my money?
  6. What if things go wrong?
  7. What about people who can’t manage a bank account?

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