First Steps Induction (Generic)

An Enhanced Induction that is the First Step to the new qualification.

This training covers the Refreshed Common Induction Standards and two of the units on the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF).

The training is in an easy to follow training course that takes learners through the eight standards of the ‘Refreshed Common Induction’.

The eight standards are:

  1. Role of the health and social care worker
  2. Personal development
  3. Communicate effectively
  4. Equality and Inclusion
  5. Principles for implementing duty of care
  6. Principles of safeguarding in health and social care
  7. Person-centred support
  8. Health and safety in an adult social care setting

And two of the mandatory units of the new Health and Social Care Diploma.

The two units covered are:

  • SHC 24 Introduction to Duty of Care in Health and Social Care
  • HSC 024 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care.

This training has been written and designed in clear and plain language and in an easy to use format it includes; information for the learner to read through along with exercises and scenarios that will help the learner relate the knowledge gained to their practice and their workplace.

To complete the two QCF units the learners will have to be registered with an Awarding Body, this can be done by working with our QCF approved assessment centre.

In the training standards five and six will be replaced by sections that ensure all of the Learning Outcomes of the two QCF units are covered as well as the refreshed CIS standards. The learner will then need to complete the two workbooks included, one for each unit.

Image: First Steps AssessmentAssessment

The assessment of the Refreshed CIS is through the Manager, who can use the questions at the back of the pack to assess if the learner has successfully completed their Induction, when the Manager is happy with their knowledge and understanding he or she can issue the Certificate included in the pack.

To gain the 2 units the learner must complete a workbook for each unit, these are then Assessed and Quality Assured by a Internal or External approved assessor and verifier. The assessment centre will arrange this along with certificates form the Awarding body.

On successful completion the learner will have two units on their pathway to their Health and Social Care Diploma.

Image: Who is this training for?Who is this training aimed at?

This enhanced training package will suit anyone starting out in his or her work in Health and Social Care and wants to achieve a qualification in the sector. Skills for Care the Sector Skills Council for social care state that all new workers should complete the Refreshed Common Induction Standards. The 8 standards cover all of the basics that any worker in the sector should know about when starting work. These 8 standards should be completed within the first 12 weeks of working in the sector.

It does not matter which sector of Health and Social Care that you work in, you must complete the Refreshed Common Induction Standards. Why not do just a little extra work, completing a couple of work books and start on your pathway to a QCF diploma.

Image: Pack informationPack information:

This training is available as an open or distance learning pack. This is a pack that the learner can work through at their own pace. They can work through their pack alone or alongside other colleagues completing their Induction. As they work through the pack they will learn about each of the standards and the two units along with the things that they should know and understand about in their workplace. They may need to speak to their line manager or supervisor about their employer’s ‘ways of working’ or to ask a question or to check their understanding.

All of the information that they need about the eight standards is included in the pack.

When they have finished the pack, their line manager can then ask the questions at the back of the pack so that he or she can assess if the learner has covered all of the standards. When he or she is happy that the standards are fully understood he or she can issue the Refreshed Common Induction Standards Certificate included in the pack.

To gain the two units the learner will complete the two workbooks and send them to be assessed and verified internally or externally so that they can gain the two units.

Image: First Steps Cover

First Steps is available as:

Image: Open or Distance Learning First Steps Qualification Package
including Assessment, IQA and Registration & Certification:

Members £132 | Non-Members £152
Image: Open or Distance Learning First Steps Distance Learning Pack Only
including Assessment, IQA, Registration or Certification:
Members £65 | Non-Members £80
Image: Delivered Course Delivered course:

See our current Price List for further details.

Image: What else can we offer?What else can we offer?

When you have completed your ‘First Steps’ training, you will be ready to work in the sector. Your manager may want you to complete some additional training to help you in your work such as;

  • Basic First Aid
  • Moving and positioning
  • Safeguarding
  • Food hygiene
  • Fire safety
  • Supporting medication

Speak to your line manager and ask if there are any further courses that you need to attend.

Image: What next?

What next?

Your now have all of your basic knowledge and skills to work in Health and Social Care and your first two units towards your new health and social care qualification you don’t want to stop now, the next step is to gain

more units towards the qualification in the sector. There are a range of qualifications that you can do, that can be made to fit your job role.

Training Individual units towards the Health and Social Care qualifications including:

  • Supporting medication
  • Duty of care in health and social care
  • Safeguarding and protection in health and social care
  • Context of learning disability

We are constantly developing new units, so contact us to see what we have in the pipeline.

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