Our Values

Our four core values are our guiding principles, which will shape all our actions.

Striving for excellence in all that we do, we will make sure:

  • We are clear about the outcomes we wish our work to achieve.
  • Through our membership and networks, we have excellent knowledge and understanding of the sector in which we work, and focus on the needs of our members and stakeholders.
  • We are an inspiring presence and our work motivates others.
  • We will always challenge poor practice and offer help and support to improve.
  • We recognise and support the development of the good practice that delivers excellent outcomes.
  • We are always reliable and dependable.

Our commitment to collaboration, communication and active involvement, means

  • We effectively initiate and support endeavours that enable our members and stakeholders to work together and learn from each other.
  • We actively listen to our members and stakeholders and respect diversity of views.
  • We communicate effectively with all stakeholders in accessible and appropriate formats.
  • We actively involve individuals with a learning disability through collaboration and accessible communication.
  • We openly and fairly represent the views of our members and stakeholders when we are seeking to influence others.
  • We seek to involve all members and stakeholders in identifying and progressing the outcomes our work seeks to achieve.

By being a person-centred and learning organisation, we ensure

  • We regularly and effectively evaluate how well we have met our outcomes and use this learning to continually improve, individually and collectively.
  • We are a learning organisation that encourages and develops the people who work for us to achieve their potential to deliver excellent member services.
  • We routinely ask our members and stakeholders how well we embody our values and use this learning to continually improve our work.

Embracing diversity, for us means embrace equality and diversity in all of its dimensions

  • We seek to understand members’ and stakeholders’ opinions, beliefs and cultures.
  • Respect and tolerance will characterise the conduct of our relationships with each other and all our members and stakeholders.
  • We will offer support to anyone that wants to improve the lives of people who have a learning disability, in line with our vision and beliefs.

ARC Strategy