Our Vision

Our vision as one of the largest umbrella bodies representing service providers in the learning disability sector, is to be the first choice for:

  • Providers across all sectors including the public, voluntary and independent sectors, who want to improve how they support people who have a learning disability.
  • People who have a learning disability who want to be involved with improving outcomes and how their support is planned and run at a local and national level, just like our work with the National Involvement Network in Scotland.
  • The Statutory Sector: Governments, Local Authorities and Regulators who want the best opportunity to engage effectively with the local sector and improve relationships between themselves and providers.

The Association for Real Change exists to improve the quality of life for people who have a learning disability by supporting anyone who is involved in the planning or delivery of support and services.

Our work to drive change and support providers to deliver quality care and support can be applied to benefit people with other additional support needs.

We are committed to sharing our learning and experience across all sectors that may benefit.

Our beliefs:

  1. We believe that everyone should be treated equally and, as unique individuals, everyone makes valuable contributions to society.
  2. We believe that person centred values and models of support are the best way to improve people’s quality of life.
  3. We believe that everyone should have the support they need to be included in their local community.
  4. We believe that people should have the opportunity to be involved in how their support is planned and delivered at both a local and national level.
  5. We believe that everyone who plans or delivers support should have access to the knowledge, experience and skills they need to continually improve what they do.
  6. We believe that peoples quality of life can be improved by supporting those who plan and deliver support to work effectively in partnership with each other and with the people they support.
  7. We believe in the capacity of those who plan and deliver support to continually reflect and change their practice to improve what they do.
  8. We believe that people are best placed to make informed choices about how they live their lives.

Our Values

Our four core values are our guiding principles, which will shape all our actions.

Striving for excellence in all that we do, we will make sure:

  • We are clear about the outcomes we wish our work to achieve.
  • Through our membership and networks, we have excellent knowledge and understanding of the sector in which we work, and focus on the needs of our members and stakeholders.
  • We are an inspiring presence and our work motivates others.
  • We will always challenge poor practice and offer help and support to improve.
  • We recognise and support the development of the good practice that delivers excellent outcomes.
  • We are always reliable and dependable.

Our commitment to collaboration, communication and active involvement, means

  • We effectively initiate and support endeavours that enable our members and stakeholders to work together and learn from each other.
  • We actively listen to our members and stakeholders and respect diversity of views.
  • We communicate effectively with all stakeholders in accessible and appropriate formats.
  • We actively involve individuals with a learning disability through collaboration and accessible communication.
  • We openly and fairly represent the views of our members and stakeholders when we are seeking to influence others.
  • We seek to involve all members and stakeholders in identifying and progressing the outcomes our work seeks to achieve.

By being a person-centred and learning organisation, we ensure

  • We regularly and effectively evaluate how well we have met our outcomes and use this learning to continually improve, individually and collectively.
  • We are a learning organisation that encourages and develops the people who work for us to achieve their potential to deliver excellent member services.
  • We routinely ask our members and stakeholders how well we embody our values and use this learning to continually improve our work.

Embracing diversity, for us means embrace equality and diversity in all of its dimensions

  • We seek to understand members’ and stakeholders’ opinions, beliefs and cultures.
  • Respect and tolerance will characterise the conduct of our relationships with each other and all our members and stakeholders.
  • We will offer support to anyone that wants to improve the lives of people who have a learning disability, in line with our vision and beliefs.

Our Aims

We have identified four strategic aims where we will focus our attention and resources to achieve Real Change.

These aims are informed by a significant shift in our strategic direction, which emerged from a survey of membership. We will continue to focus on the needs of our members and stakeholders whilst recognising a wider interest for the organisation within the broad learning disability and health and social care field.

This includes people who have a learning disability, their families, carers, commissioners and other stakeholders.

We aim to:

1. Provide support, training, information and development and networking opportunities to organisations which recognise the need to improve their:

1.1 Governance, leadership and management.
1.2 Quality and standards of care and support for individuals based on person-centred practices.
1.3 How they involve people in the planning and delivery of services.
1.4 Workforce learning, development and support.
1.5 Training that inspires people to lead, learn and grow through reflection, challenge and continually striving to deliver the best outcomes for people who use services.
1.6 Information.

We aim to:

2. Enable members and stakeholders to collaborate more effectively and learn from each other by:

2.1 Providing more opportunities to connect and liaise within and across sectors.
2.2 Taking the initiative to work collaboratively and build partnerships with others so that we make the best use of time and resources.
2.3 Acting as a trusted facilitator and honest broker across the care sectors by building better relationships that share and support practices which deliver the best results.
2.4 Showing leadership by working equally with organisations perceived as thriving, as well as those facing challenges.

We aim to:

3. Increase the voice of providers and people who use services locally, regionally and nationally, providing strong representation by:

3.1 Better understanding the needs of our members and stakeholders so that we can accurately reflect the needs of the sector and people who have a learning disability.
3.2 Increasing our social policy work to raise awareness of the impact of the practical implementation of government legislation and policy on our members and stakeholders.
3.3 Maximising opportunities to influence policy by working with other network organisations.
3.4 Raising our profile so we are a strong presence, which influences Government policies and Service Standards, at all levels, in the nation countries.

We aim to:

4. Strive for excellence in all that we do to ensure we meet all our agreed outcomes by:

4.1 Effectively involving people with a learning disability, as well as provider organisations, in how we run and in the delivery of our work.
4.2 Being a person-centred and innovative organisation, evaluating and sharing learning, with members and stakeholders and other groups that may benefit.
4.3 Leading by example both within our organisation and to champion the work of providers across the sector.
4.4 Operating with effectiveness and efficiency at all levels.
4.5 Member-led and responsive to stakeholders’ needs.