Our Good Health

Our Good Health was a 12-month project on Anglesey that was run by ARC Cymru (Wales) with the support of the Pfizer Foundation, the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales and the Anglesey Health Alliance.

The aim of the Our Good Health project was to explore and tackle the problems people with a learning disability encounter when trying to access mainstream healthy lifestyle initiatives.

Our Good Health project staff worked with service providers and people with a learning disability on Anglesey to teach more and share information on healthy eating. They talked to people with a learning disability, their carers and families.

From this research a report was published to help service providers support people to learn about healthy eating and to choose a healthier diet. The findings from the Our Good Health project have formed the basis for the Take the Health Challenge! project which builds on the information gathered in both the Our Good Health and Happy Heart projects.

A CD was also produced.

The project succeeded in identifying and tackling some of the main obstacles and the resulting resources have received wide acclaim.

The Our Good Health project was funded by the Pfizer Foundation, Lloyds TSB Foundation and Anglesey Health Alliance.